DIY Unfinished - Gnome Sweet Gnome

DIY Unfinished - Gnome Sweet Gnome

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DIY UNFINISHED Wood Inter-changeable Mini sign kit

Includes:  20 Mini signs (Approx. size 2" x 3")
                11" diameter,  1/4" thick round 
                 Gnome-Sweet-Gnome wording 
                 Gnome Cutout


Cut to order -  I cut these once ordered, please allow a minimum of 7-10 days for preparation unless a large order is placed. If complete sooner, I will advise when ready.

Comes with ONLY wood cutouts and back board. NO Glue or paint. 

I recommend using a spray adhesive or a thin coat of either wood glue, gorilla glue or E6000 glue to attach the wood pieces to the board after painting.   Clear coat is also a nice touch to finish it off. ( You can use a clear spray such as rusteolieum as it dries quickly) 

These are the perfect shelf decoration. If you choose to have them outside, please ensure you apply quite a few coats of clear coat to seal the wood.   This sign is approx. 10" diameter and is 1/8" wood with an additional 1/4 " circle to glue into the back which will help worth sturdiness.